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Brandsimulator FTR50

The FTR50 from GLORIA is a compact fire simulator ideally suited for practical fire safety training and instruction of employees as well as for 
customer presentations. The fire simulator impresses with its reliable and simple operation and the variously applicable dummies.


  • Training
  • Instruction
  • Customer and company presentations


  • Easy and safe one hand operation
  • Wide range of available simulation dummies
  • Easy to transport due to compact design (car trunk)
  • Can be operated by only one person
  • Made of high quality stainless steel, no corrosion possible and easy to clean


The GLORIA FTR50 is an easy to use training device with which you can simulate all fire classes A, B, C, and F. The qualitative spark plug and the simple basic concept allow unlimited repetitions of the exercises.
The basic module of the FTR50 consists of the basic unit, the area fire dummy, two cables for power and gas supply, a remote control with 10m long cable, and two bags for handy transport of these utensils. A carrying handle and two protrusions on the unit allow easy transport, handling, and emptying of the tray if necessary.
For more details, please see our product data sheet.