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Fields of application

Fire protection is more than just meeting standards and regulations! 

Fire protection is individual! 

Just like you, your company, your wishes and your goals!

We want to keep what others promise, and this is what TG Products stands for many decades. We accompany you from the beginning of your projects and support you in all questions on the way to your personal goals. 
The common path
Fire protection must make sense without losing sight of efficiency and the economy. In addition to the fulfillment of general standards, regulations, and local requirements, it is above all your personal protection goal that is decisive for the selection of products and services. We analyze the current conditions, take your wishes into account, and plan your individual path to achieve the goal together. 
Sustainable Success 
After a successful implementation, we are happy to accompany you further on your way. In this way, we ensure that your concept and facilities are always state-of-the-art. Investments can be optimally planned and an economical management of your fire protection organization is guaranteed at all times. 
Special Connections
In addition to the development of high-quality products, it is above all our many customers with whom we have developed and implemented special solutions over decades. Only those who know the needs and requirements of their partners will find the right answers. Whether industry, trade, energy supply, public, facilities, airports, logistics, and many more, TG Products has been working successfully with companies and facilities of all sizes and from almost all sectors for many years. 
In industrial environments, smooth production processes and the high quality of goods play a crucial role. Safety is an issue that has a direct impact on these factors. In the event of a fire, in addition to immediate damage, consequential damage can also occur, resulting in considerable losses for commercial enterprises. The right products should therefore be used for fire protection in particular: TG Products offers you efficient and powerful solutions for preventive fire protection in your industrial company, which are precisely tailored to your needs and therefore guarantee maximum safety.
Space is tight at sea and the risk of fire is devastating. Due to the high density of people in a very small area, the number of casualties in an emergency is high. Special attention should therefore be paid to fire protection at sea, so that safety on board is a top priority. TG Products offers you specially developed products that can be used wherever there is a risk of fire in a largely enclosed space or where special conditions need to be observed.
These days, airports offer so much more than just transporting holidaymakers and commuters. They offer visitors numerous shopping opportunities, event and conference venues and travel centres. As a result, the visitor density at airports is enormous - day and night. Against this background, suitable fire protection concepts that do justice to the protection of the many people here are indispensable. Against this background, TG Products products offer you modern fire protection solutions that meet the requirements of this challenging environment.
In the catering and hotel industry, it is particularly important to operators that guests feel completely at ease. This also includes a high level of safety. In these sectors, fires often occur in the kitchen or in boiler rooms, where there is an increased risk due to heat development. This poses a threat to the existence of the operators. Compliance with the requirements of the fire protection regulations provides the right framework and is essential. As a result, the TG Products portfolio offers a wide range of products that ensure optimum protection for your guests and employees as well as your business.
Hospitals and clinics are sensitive environments - also in terms of safety. A high density of electrical equipment, oxygen supplies, people who sometimes lack the necessary mobility to leave the building independently via the specified escape routes in the event of an emergency. Special fire safety precautions are therefore required here to protect patients and staff and minimise serious consequential damage caused by the spread of fire. TG Products offers suitable extinguishing solutions in favour of safe fire protection in order to meet the high requirements in the healthcare sector.
The production of a vehicle involves a series of partly automated processes that generate high levels of heat. Depending on the process step, sparks may even be generated, which in combination with a flammable substance can quickly become a hazard. More relevant than ever are the fire protection requirements that arise in the course of electromobility and the lithium-ion batteries that are used here. TG Products offers suitable extinguishing solutions for all applications that ensure reliable fire fighting.
Depending on their size, logistics centres and warehouses store an unimaginable amount of goods and therefore considerable material assets. These often include highly flammable goods, which favour the rapid spread of fire in the event of a fire. Sophisticated fire protection concepts therefore focus on protecting employees and material assets. Reliable fire protection solutions designed for the special requirements of such environments are therefore indispensable. We offer you the right TG Products products for a wide range of applications in this environment.
There are many fire hazards lurking in private households, be it in the kitchen, on electrical appliances or a fireplace. Residents are not always aware of the risks. In many cases, the thought that "nothing will happen" is suppressed. However, a fire can start faster than you think: if a flammable substance comes into contact with a source of ignition, this can trigger a fire within seconds. And there are plenty of flammable items in private households. It is therefore important to protect your family in the best possible way. With the TG Products quartet for your safety, all relevant areas are optimally covered.